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Blue Note Consultants

Blue Note Consultants helps companies succeed with Strategy Execution by building Execution Leadership Excellence

40-60% of a company’s strategic potential is lost due to poor execution. It is an alarming failure rate, and the need to execute strategy properly has only increased with the accelerating speed of change and uncertainty in the modern business world.

Our clients are business leaders with a desire to create and execute their business strategies better and faster. That is what Blue Note Consultants help business leaders to master.

From our experience – gathered over three decades – the main reason for poor execution is that most companies miss to build ownership and accountability around their strategy and that requires Execution Leadership skills, which only few managers excel.

Execution Leadership Excellence is exactly what we are building at our clients.

Now imagine creating a culture of accountability, in which all your employees say I will do whatever it takes, and my word is my bond. Think about what that kind of company culture could do to your success in strategy execution.

By tapping into the Human Power of Promises and creating Bottom-Up Engagement, this universal leadership approach will enhance the likelihood of success with Strategy Execution – even in today’s world of rapid and unpredictable change.

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What is the Power
of Promises all about?

If you want to understand more about Promise-Based Execution
you should read our book about the subject

Who we are

Meet the team

Claus Maron

Claus Maron

Founding partner

With more than 30 years of consulting experience, Claus is a seasoned expert in Strategic Execution. He has a background in leading management consultancies like Accenture, Right Management, Siar Bossard and Kjaer & Kjerulf, combined with more than 10 years in top management positions. Claus is also a frequent speaker and writer of blogs and articles on Strategy & Execution.

Niels Beck

Niels Beck

Founding partner

Niels has more than 25 years of leadership experience in the fast-growing international technology company SimCorp. He has worked as the CEO of subsidiaries in London and Sydney, SVP for Investor Relations, HR and Strategy Execution. For the last decade, he has been an Executive Advisor to organizations and managers on strategic business development and Execution Leadership.

3 reasons

Why working with us?

We are experts in Strategy Execution and Execution Leadership

More than 25 years’ experience from helping companies improving strategy execution capabilities.

We have been there ourselves

Our experience is not only “as consultants“, we know the demand for delivering results from challenging international senior/executive management positions.

We cooperate closely with the top management team and supporting teams

To secure ownership for decisions and execution plans and to secure sustainable improvements.

How we work

Based on more than 25 years’ experience we have developed our approach to successful Strategy Execution – “Promise-Based Execution”

In short, our approach is a way of developing Execution Leadership skills necessary among your company’s managers to be able to create the ownership and accountability that is required to execute strategies successfully. It is not so much about tools and processes – it is about learning to leading people to mutually engage around making the strategy deliver the desired results, while not losing focus on daily operations.

We are using a 3-step approach when we deploy “Promise-based Execution” at our customers with main focus on coaching and mentoring the individual manager to develop Execution Leadership skills.

Who we work with

Some of the great companies we have worked with

Our approach is deeply collaborative, and we have over the years had the privilege to work with numerous great companies.

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What our customers say

Leaders perspectives


Global Thought Leadership

Blue Note Consultants cooperate with some of the World’s
most influential thinkers on Strategy & Execution.

Dr. Rebecca Homkes

Dr. Rebecca Homkes, High-Growth Strategy Expert; Lecturer at LBS and Faculty at Duke University Corporate Education and Author of Several HBR Articles

Jeroen De Flander

Bestselling author, Global Expert on Strategy Execution; Key note Speaker and resident faculty member at TIAM and guest lecturer at IMD, London Business School, Essec and others.

Promise-Based Execution Book

Promise-Based Execution

Get our book

We have written a book about our methodology teaching your how to engage your people in strategy execution and leverage the power of promises to deliver great results.

DecideAct: our methodology is fully supported by a software product- build by DecideAct.