We are experts in mission-critical transformation – We help companies realize their full strategic potential. We do this by reinforcing customer focus, creating necessary behavioural change and building your strategy execution capability at middle and frontline management level.

We are your trusted execution partner, committed to developing your organization for high performance and value realization. In close cooperation, we work behind or alongside your people to make each one more successful as leaders of transformation and execution.


Strategy execution
  • Establish a clear direction and strategic focus – align on the why and what
  • Define the missions to get there, overall goals and key priorities – delegate the how for accountability
  • Engage the organization with a clear and compelling aspiration and roadmap – secure buy in and line of sight from top to frontline
  • Involve and engage a broader part of the organization in the operationalization – translating into specific goals and initiatives on a quarterly basis
  • Adjust the operating Model to enable the strategy – structural transformation
  • Map and close capability and behavioural gaps – large scale behaviour change
  • Establish a common governance structure for the execution
  • Develop execution capability at middle management level
  • Create transparency in progress – set up simple results tracking
  • Integrate strategy execution with performance management
  • Ensure appropriate communication to key stakeholders
Culture transformation
  • Define critical behaviours required to succeed with your goals and strategy
  • Deploy your authentic informal leaders as behavioural activists
  • Use cross organisational methods for viral diffusion of behaviours
  • Engage formal leaders as role models and sponsors
  • Gather and share stories to build new cultural narratives
  • Align programmatic efforts and organisational enablers to anchor behaviours
  • Demonstrate impact to build momentum and critical mass
  • Actively manage your cultural situation over time
Customer focus
  • Place customer needs and behavior at the core of your business
  • Create a culture characterized with deeply rooted respect and curiosity towards your customers needs and behavior
  • Deploy methods and practices to understand and monitor market and customer changes
  • Create a belief that the ability to create customer value is essential for a successful business
  • Become sharper on customers – their needs and wants – how to solve their problems and what value you deliver to them
  • Celebrate leaders and employees who strive to meet customer needs and are able to over-deliver and create the positively unexpected